Singing My Mother's Song


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Singing My Mother’s Song is for the high and low notes. It’s for the wind, carrying the old songs somewhere they can finally rest. It’s for the sounds we are brave enough to let leave the body. It’s for the new songs, those of change and those of now.

"How lucky we are to have Rebecca Tantony to sing to us, not only her own story, with its weavings of memory, history and family, but stories of the world, of displacement, love, loss, identity, beauty, poetry, confusion and connection. Her words dance across the page just as she travelled through space and time - to learn, to uncover, to commemorate and to celebrate. We are lifted by these songs, this word-music, and reminded of the power of our voices."
-Tania Hershman, author of Terms & Conditions and Some Of Us Glow More Than Others.